Friday, May 2, 2014


Genre: Science Fiction (Adult, but PG)
Word Count: 70,000
Author: Connie MacElroy

MAGGIE SPEER, a junior exec at a consulting firm, must go back to the 30s and retrieve the creative journal of MGM's Irving Thalberg. Such tests are initiation rites for entering top management, and failure is not an option. But the timestream she enters has no theatrical films, no Hollywood as we know it.  She's stuck in the wrong 1930 and facing a Plan B assignment, entering Hitler’s inner circle and coming back with his management secrets.  Repelled by this, she pulls together the talent and creates her own Hollywood. But, once she gets things going, Spencer Tracy, Frank Capra, Joan Crawford, and other icons of the era have their own ideas. 

Maggie followed Henry into the meat locker. Chilled. She could see her breath. The amber light gave everything a buttercup look. The white tile walls had been hosed down after the accident. Maggie checked the drains. No signs of blood.

“You ready?”

She took a deep breath and shivered. She opened her bag and surrendered her keys and her phone. Digging into her wallet, she removed her drivers license and credit cards.

Henry claimed the wallet. It would pass. Vintage, with the image of an ocean liner pressed into the leather. He nodded and handed it back. Then he slowly began to circle her, scrutinizing every aspect of her appearance.

Maggie shifted her weight and felt the odd ways the clothes hung. They were custom-tailored and she’d worn 30s styles all week, but it still felt like Halloween.

“That pin has to go,” Henry said. He reached for it, and Maggie dodged away.

“It’s not authentic, Maggie.”

“This belonged to my great grandmother.”

Henry took out his smartphone and tapped. “I don’t have anything like it.”

“She lived in Germany. It will be okay.”

“Hmm.”  His face was noncommittal. “What about your stockings. Are they silk?”
“Pantyhose. But they have a faux seam in back. They should pass.”  Maggie had four pairs packed. She wasn’t going to mess with garters unless it became absolutely necessary.

“Don’t let anyone see you in your underwear.”

“I’m not planning to, Henry.”

He stepped back for one final review. Then he smiled. “You’re perfect.”